Measuring your foot and leg sizes

This page show you how to take measurements for the size of your feet, legs, hands and arms. These measurements are handy to determine your regular EU sizing or as a preparation to order made-to-measure boots and gloves.

Feet & Legs

Size of your feet

There are two measurements to take: the length and width of your foot and the size of your legs measured on 4 points. 

Please note: measure the length and width for both feet!! Give us the measurements for both feet or for the highest values. 

How do you do it? Put your foot on a big size of paper. Draw the circumference of your foot with a thin pencil on the paper. Then put four lines on the paper like on the drawing below. Measure the distance between the lines. There you have the length (left picture) and the width (right picture below) of your foot. 


Measure the circumference of your legs

Advice: do these measurements for both your legs!!

See the diagram below and take all measurements. There are 8 measurements to take!! Please not that the height is measured from the ground for each measurement. You can take measurements in millimeters, centimeters or inches. Be precise but do not take your measurements too tight. 

It will help the boot maker to have a photo of your legs. Make photos of your bare leg  and send these with the measurements to us.  


Glove measurements

Measurements of gloves. 

The size of gloves is measured by taking the circumference of the hand. The figure below shows how to measure this for standard sizing. 


Made to measure gloves

Also gloves can be made to measure. Please measure all 4 values for both (!) hands and arms. Also take a picture of your hand and arms laying flat on a table or floor. Then send the pictures and the measurements to us. 

The measurements: 

A: hand (this is your standard glove size)

B: pulse

C: upper arm

D: length of your arm up to the desired length of the gloves and measurement point C.

Just to be sure: 

Just to be sure not only take a picture and above measurements, but also draw the circumference of your hand on a piece of paper. This tells the glove maker more about the proportions of the length of your fingers and the glove size. 


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